Starbucks: My Third Place rocks it for free!

Starbucks: My Third Place rocks it for free!

UPDATE: I found a wonderful video about a guy named Dan. He digs into his pocket every day to patients at the Michigan Cancer Institute at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Watch this video for a dose of true humanity. He’s even started a donation site at Dan’s Coffee Run.

A funny thing happened on the way to work at my local Starbucks. As usual I assessed the drive through versus parking lot upon entrance, deciding the quickest line of service. I chose to park and walk in. Eight customers deep I waited patiently in  body but not in mind. A double queue, I am up for order and overhear the guy next to me being told “I’m buying today” by the cashier. “Interesting,” I think, assuming he’s a superstar regular. I come here almost everyday, but whatever. To my surprise I am told the same after my order.

I observe the staff chattering about the systems being down and notice the registers are blank. I realize that Starbucks is serving all customers as usual during these, the absolute most profitable hours of the week… gratis. That’s right. For free. Without a glitch business as usual ensues. Customers order and are served their morning saturation without a hitch.

My day changed. My mind changed. We’ve all endured the ‘cash only our systems are down’ situation somewhere at some point. My local Starbucks decided not to disrupt business but instead deliver the expected and nothing less; coffee, breakfast, atmosphere, and superb customer service. Kudos to the staff at this location who kept the line moving just like any other busy Friday morning, knowing the losses but never imparting it to the customer.

A genius business decision and we noticed!

Critical and repetitive observation indicates Friday morning as the busiest by far at my local Starbucks. Granted I frequented a nearer store prior to my new favorite location. My old regular addressed me by name, knew my usual order and greeted me with pleasure. I usually decline or avoid superfluous morning conversation before having at least four to six ounce of caffeine fully circulating in my veins. But the great folks at Starbucks have eased that transition for years.

Thank you Starbucks for making my third place rock that much more.