Warm Up Winter with Lamb Ragu

Warm Up Winter with Lamb Ragu

lamb ragu

It was a not-so-cold evening that I decided it was time to dust off my winter recipes. The one week of winter we experience here in the sunshine state is hardly enough to concoct mass quantities of slow cooker goodness. One must choose wisely. Among my annual labors are my Cheese Lover’s Lasagna with Pinot Noir, Texas Chili, Corn Chowder, and now this lovely Lamb Ragù I found on The Kitchn. The Menu for a Midwinter Sledding Party revived memories of endless childhood days on the sled hill, building snow forts, and snowmen, and only venturing indoors to thaw frozen fingers and toes by the fire with a cup of marshmallow covered hot cocoa.

There is one small difference here: steaming beverages give way to grown-up flasks of Gold Rush. If the thought of a cold drink on a cold day seems uncomfortable, fear not. Dodging small children as you barrel downhill and working up a sweat hiking to the top will surely provide sufficient warmth, if not the bourbon. Munch on the Homemade Cracker Jacks for added longevity.

I start drooling at first sight of a Lamb Ragù recipe and am especially keen on testing out the other dishes on the Menu for a Midwinter Sledding Party. Even if my only warm up is likely related to the temperate southern climate and the wafting kitchen bliss to ensue, I am okay with poolside in February. Truly.

Photos: Faith Durand