Burrata Salad Recipe

Burrata salad recipe

Burrata Salad: burrata cheese, pea shoots, spinach, arugula, carrot, broccoli, baby portobello mushrooms, yogurt ranch dressing, fresh cracked pepper

Burrata Salad

This burrata salad recipe is a quick rendition of how easy it is to make a terrific salad with ingredients on hand. In this version, we used an organic pre-mixed arugula and spinach blend. Top with sweet and tender pea shoots and decadent burrata cheese. We found these ingredients at our local Trader Joe’s. Next, add whatever you have on hand such as carrot, broccoli, roasted baby portobello mushrooms. We drizzled this burrata salad with a bit of our homemade ranch dressing, then ground cracked pepper on top.

Food Republic posted an article on how to make your own burrata, which we found surprisingly easy if you’re patient and adventurous in the kitchen.

Burrata Salad Recipe

By 2014-12-02

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