Pigs & Pinot: An Annual Sonoma Event

Pigs & Pinot: An Annual Sonoma Event


Photo: Hotel Healdsburg Pigs & Pinot

If you’ve ever doubted the decadence of pork could pair eloquently with wine, here is your opportunity to melt all fears. Charlie Palmer’s Pigs & Pinot celebration deserves a spot on your calendar this and every spring. March 23rd will kick-off with an Iron Chef style event challenging two teams to utilize a whole pig for their spectacular culinary dishes. Master Sommeliers will follow with their parade of Pinot sure to delight. In case you are a pedestrian wino and not well versed in the Pinot sector, these gentlemen will entice you with the best of the best from California’s prime Noir region straight from the acclaimed Dry Creek Kitchen.

Healdsburg’s Spoonbar will present a four-course wine pairing showcasing a locally raised hog on Saturday evening. This will not be your run of the mill baconator. Think: sustainable raised, happy pig. Oh yes. I’m already salivating at the thought of what I know to be this regions best combination. Pigs and Pinot. Ah, how many ways can the great beast manifest? It’s sure to be a decadent affair.

Where to stay after all this epicurean bliss? The Hotel Healdsburg of course. I love this hotel and recommend to anyone venturing to this off the tourist track of wine country and you can saunter your way through the breezeway of the Kitchen to the hotel lounge should you want to linger a little longer with live jazz and the aroma of flowing local wines. A relaxing and full service experience awaits!

Event: March 22-23, 2013

Tickets on Sale: January 10

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