Anthony Bourdain: Guts And Glory Tour

Anthony Bourdain: Guts And Glory Tour


The Guts and Glory Tour

Image: Bourdain Guts and Glory

Wildly (not a typo) known for his egregious food escapades, Chef Anthony Bourdain takes on his first annual Guts and Glory Tour through our good ‘ole North American states. His globe trotting food and culture binges range from eclectic metropolitan cities such as NYC, Spain, and Hong Kong, to lesser traveled culturally rich regions of Cambodia, Transylvania, and my personal love and future place of retirement, Bali.

An accomplished author, Bourdain accounts for a myriad culinary adventures, a candid personal history, and brash criticisms of life, food, and cultural phenomena in such books as Kitchen Confidential: Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly. He is passionate and telling in a no-holds-barred kind of way, which most either love or hate with the same passion. He’s even given interviews with the Harvard Business Review on his old school theories on military style restaurant management and how such methodology grants success at Brasserie Les Halles. A jack of all trades, Anthony’s books, comics, and continual reinvention of culinary travel documentaries do not seem to satiate. And he ceaselessly delivers with the moxy that brings us to our knees begging for more.

Bourdain’s heavily awarded shows blazon his no-nonsense, say-it-from-the-cuff reports on global food cultures. His most recent adventures include: The Taste on ABC and Parts Unknown  a travel documentary on CNN in which he and his crew procure a new brand of cinematography that is already raking in strong ratings. All told, this guy knows he is lucky to get paid for being himself and doing what he loves.

To see when Anthony will be in your city, CLICK HERE for info on Guts and Glory: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain

“It will start off with an audiovisual presentation and then jump off into a larger discussion of food,” says Bourdain of the uncensored, sold-out presentation. He describes the show as part stand-up mixed with a no-holds-barred question and answer with the audience.